See for yourself the experience I have gained so far and decide for yourself that I am the right person for your project.

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The Crisis Inside:

The International Short Story Project


Translation of a short story (EN>GER) -

Edition Hamouda, 2015



Il Poggio alle Ville, Italy



of an agriturismo's website (IT/EN>GER)



Schroth Therapy - Advancements

in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment


Partial translation of a medical book (EN>GER)





Translation of product descriptions (EN>GER)

to be used on Amazon



Angel Minerals by Karin Hunkel


Translation of the online shop (GER>EN) and updating of the translated text



islieb Comics


Editing of English comics -



and translation

of the German original comics (GER>EN) -



Beichten eines Ketzers. Der Heilige

und der Heide: Behemoth and Beyond


Proofreading the German translation -

Index Verlag, 2018



The Promise of Love


Editing the English translation -

N. Rose Verlag, 2018



Deutsches Lektorenbüro


Collaboration since 2016


advertising texts 

product descriptions

POS material

customer communication material



ZDF Digital


Creating SDH subtitles

of German TV shows and movies 
according to different style guides

  since 2016



SubPLY Spoken Word Technologies


Captioning, translation (EN/GER)

and QC of subtitles for


technical videos

commercial videos

team building videos


since 2014 



„Dir sid nët vergiess!“

Das Konzentrationslager Hinzert


Captioning (GER|SDH) and

translation of the subtitles (GER>EN) -

by Julian Weinert, 2018

Others say about my work:

"Dear Miss Hartmann! Whether it is just a couple of lines or an entire manuscript  and no matter how urgently I need a translation or editing –  I can always rely on you to work with precision and to deliver on time. This is why working together with you is very pleasant and uncomplicated."

-- Dr. Ursula Ruppert, Deutsches Lektorenbüro

"Eva, I can always depend on you. You are always there, always present and engaging. We have worked together on very stressful projects, and you always remain organized and flexible – and so the work becomes easier. Thank you for your dependability."

-- Lukas Deutscher, Lukas Deutscher Beratung & Vermittlung