"When our spelling is perfect, it's invisible. But when it's flawed, it prompts strong negative associations."

(Marilyn vos Savant)

Does this word need to be capitalized?

To or too? It's or its?

Do I really need three exclamation marks?

You don't want to keep worrying about your spelling?

Let me do it for you.


Someone with a practiced eye and above all an objective eye will recognize spelling mistakes more quickly and more easily than the author who has been going over the same piece of text dozens of times.


However, proofreading and editing are more than just simple correction of a text's linguistic imperfections. Language may be humanity's biggest treasure, the thing that makes us who we are, but in the end it is communication which decides about whether or not we are successful. 

Small mistakes might make a big difference and result in unexpected consequences. I will take care of your project's linguistic quality by proofreading or editing it so that you may leave all worries about miscommunication or misunderstandings behind and further your plans successfully.

Your research paper or your thesis needs proofreading? Whether it is written in English or German, I am happy to help. Contact me and we can talk about the details!


If you are worried that your chosen field might be too specialized: If an amateur understands the text, it is truly understandable.

Past fields I've read papers from: tax law, language history, IT and computer forensincs as well as literary studies and dance education with emphasis on ballet.