Translation can be a tricky business – it requires diligence, skill and especially thoroughness. Some of us may have already recognized the intricacy which translation holds when using mashine translation services such as Google Translate or LEO as a quick help.


Thanks to my professional training, I offer high language proficiency, and thanks to the freelance work I have been doing since 2014, I have continuously gained experience in different fields and subject areas. I translate from


English > German


German > English.


My focus lies on technical and literary translation, however, – as you can see from the projects I have worked on until now – thanks to extensive general knowledge as well as varied interests, I am capable of adapting quickly to new fields.


Past subjects I have worked on:

Literature (fictional and autobiographical), musical theory, medicine/physiotherapy, commercial texts, customer communication, product descriptions and technical translation 

I also offer translations from


Italian > English

and from

Italian > German.


However, this applies only to texts other than specialist texts.


If you require a simple text, for example a letter, to be translated, I can translate it into Italian (or, of course, from Italian). For more specialized texts, I am happy to recommend one of my colleages.

I don't offer the target language you are looking for? Don't worry, please contact me anyhow - I might just have the right contact for you.


Thanks to my extensive network, I know professional translators for Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese. I even know a very capable conference interpreter.