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Language is our bridge to the world,
and I am here to make sure your message gets through.

Vortaro Translation - Language Services


Subtitles play a vital role in the success of videos and films. I make sure that your content is both accessible and engaging in multiple languages.

I offer these subtitling services:

  • Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing / Closed Captions
  • Same-language subtitles in German, English or Italian
  • Audiovisual translation


I provide expert translations in the target language that are both idiomatic and professional, leaving no room for misunder- standings.

I offer these language combinations:

  • English > German
  • German > English

You need other language combinations? I will be happy to forward your request to competent colleagues.

Em Hartmann

I am your partner for professional subtitling and idiomatic translation in Mühltal. With a passion for languages and extensive experience, I am here to help bring your projects to life.

My goal is to foster cross-cultural connections and bring people together. As a professional subtitler and trained translator, I'm dedicated to a vision where language is the bridge to mutual understanding, acceptance, and cooperation.

Dedicated, creative, and consistently dependable, I make sure your messages are delivered clearly and on time in the desired language. My goal is to breathe life into your content and make it accessible on a global level.


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Growing up bilingual, my love of learning languages and curiosity about other cultures led me out of the Hessian Odenwald at an early age to discover places such as England, Scotland, Italy and Alaska. After several language courses and long language stays, my education took me to Germersheim in the Palatinate. From there I went to Hamburg for an internship in editing and project management, to Mainz for a Master's degree and finally to Mühltal.

I have been working as a professional language service provider for a decade and can look back on 30 years of language education. My passion for subtitling and audiovisual translation started at ZDF Digital Medienproduktion GmbH, where I learned how to create professional subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing as well as subtitles in different languages.

Learning new languages is a hobby of mine. I have a little green owl encouraging me to learn Norwegian and, for over a year now, I am participating in a Japanese-German language tandem.


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2016-2019: M.A. English Literature and Culture at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany

2012-2015: B.A. Language, Culture and Translation for English, Italian and Arabic at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany

My Subtitles and Translations

SDH | Translation ENG>GER

Planet B (2023)
by Pieter Van Eecke

for the DOXS RUHR Documentary Film Festival 2023

SDH | Translation GER>ENG

"Dir sid nët vergiess!"
Das Konzentrationslager Hinzert (2018)

by Julian Weinert

SDH | Translation ENG>GER

A Youth (2020)
by Giorgio Bosisio
for the DOXS RUHR Documentary Film Festival 2023

Partners and film festival collaborations

My experience includes these topics

  • Film and television: cartoon shows, children's series, comedies, cooking shows, crime series, documentaries, entertainment television, hospital series, political talk shows, nature films
  • Finance: accounting
  • Health: cosmetics, drug withdrawal, physiotherapy
  • IP law for patents and trademarks
  • Art & Culture: fashion, music theory, photography
  • Literature / (Auto-)Biography
  • Logistics: freight transport, supply chain management
  • Marketing
  • Technology: automobiles, fiber optics, software
  • Tourism: agriturismo, work and travel
  • Proofreading scientific theses

Are you looking for support for a different topic? I am happy to familiarize myself with new topics.

Do you have questions? Let me know!


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Do you have questions, ideas or projects you would like to discuss with me? Contact me - I am looking forward to hearing from you and to collaborate to carry your message into the world.


Send me an e-mail or use the contact form, leaving your name, e-mail, phone number and your message for me. I will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for your project.

If it's urgent, please call me via +49 175 125 8500.

I am a member of the Association for Audiovisual Translators AVÜ e.V.